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We are seeing a shift in the culture of cyclists. There used to be defined categories of people that would not blend in to the other categories and everyone would have their opinion around the other disciplines. As our culture has developed one of the most discernible factors that is bringing everyone together is cycling fashion. Whether a hard-core fixie rider or out and out roadie, everyone wants to look their best when out on the roads.
It has been brands such as Tokyo Fixed on review in this article which have helped to grow our culture and their current lines are really not disappointing.

For the purpose of this review we were sent the Second Wave kit and first impressions were really strong. Great presentation bags and the kit is a great quality.

Tokyo Fixed Second Wave Cycling Cap

Tokyo Fixed Second Wave Cycling Cap

The Second Wave bib shorts are made of a lovely four- way Lycra, which on are very comfortable offering a good level of compression without feeling too tight. The modern silicone grippers on the legs are nice and wide and stay in place as you would expect and these are all held up with nice wide mesh shoulder straps which felt extremely comfortable once on. The pad did seem to feel slightly narrower than what I was used to but that being said felt comfortable so not a massive concern of mine.

Tokyo Fixed Second Wave Bib Shorts

Tokyo Fixed Second Wave Bib Shorts

The Second Wave Jersey again was made from some very comfortable, lightweight material which would lend itself well to those grinding high speed flats as well as long days in the mountains when the temperatures rise. The addition of a wide silicone gripper along the bottom of the jersey was very welcome as it held itself bang in place all the time and stopped the front from riding up. This coupled with the modern long arms we are seeing, and a great cut proved to really bring the kit together. The only thing I felt was a feature for features sake was the small zipped pocket as this was a touch small and did not offer the feature of waterproofing like you see a lot nowadays.

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To finish it off, the cap just tied the kit off looks-wise perfectly. It was not made of any ground breaking fabrics but as I have come to realise some things should just be left alone and the cotton cap is one of them.
Overall, this is a great looking and really comfortable kit which will keep you noticed whether your smashing crits or riding those roads less travelled.

Adam Williams

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