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It won’t take long for any cyclist to realise that one key ingredient to enjoying the sport is being comfortable. There will never be anything more irritating on a bike ride than shuffling around on the saddle hoping that you’ll find that optimum position. A decent saddle is always in order and having that bike fit you keep meaning to book will make a huge difference, but once all is said and done, a decent pair of shorts should be where your worries end.

Having been cycling for close to 3 years, I’ve tried anything and everything that I hoped would be the end of my cycling short woes. Castelli, Rapha, Gore etc etc etc, they’re all top brands and offer some great comfort but what puts a hole in your purse isn’t always what’s best for you. That’s where Threo come in.

Threo are only officially 4 months old and specialise in the likes of triathlon clothing for women, whether that be tri-suits, cycling shorts, jerseys, crop tops or training tops. Their designs are simple, eye catching and functional, ideas have been implemented that most may not have even thought of. I’ve been trying out a pair of their Regent’s Park shorts for a little over a month now and they definitely deserve a mention.

Threo Short

Threo Regents Park Short

Featuring a T.M.F women specific chamois, a small pocket at the rear (very helpful if you find yourself worrying about the location of your phone in your jersey pocket), reflective zipper and logos, moisture wicking double lining, flatlock seams and Italian two way stretch fabric which offerers versatility with cycling and running, so if you’re like me and keep toying with the idea of triathlons, these are the perfect pair to use.

Typically, I only wear bib shorts so I was initially dubious about how the Threo shorts would fit. When they arrived, I tried them on straight away. I won’t lie, the comfort was there from the get go and I may have forgotten that I was casually wearing them around the house…

Threo Regents Park Short


I don’t find myself with the ever annoying ‘muffin leg’ issue with these which is something that plagues most women with any pair of shorts, the grippers on the lower legs mean they stay in place with no uncomfortable rubbing from the seams. The transition from bib to normal shorts wasn’t an irritation either, they sit comfortably around my stomach and don’t shift at all whilst riding. Thanks to that aforementioned double lining, I don’t need to worry about sharing a little too much with the unlucky soul riding behind me either.
The design is a simple plain grey with added coral detail around the grippers and white reflective logos, you can also pick up their other pair in the same grey but with white and turquoise grippers. Both would be a nice addition to your cycling gear.

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Obviously, fit and feel of any clothing product will always be down to the end user. I’ve only ridden around 50+ miles in these, for commutes and longer rides but they are definitely my go to pair now and at £75, you can’t really go wrong.

See Threo’s full cycling range here


Sigma Sport are also an official stockist for Threo products.

See Threo’s range at Sigma Sport

  • Comfort
  • Looks
  • Value


Threo have created a great pair of shorts here and there aren’t any grumbles that make these any less worthy against the big brand names. I can’t comment on the comfort for triathletes otherwise I’d make these a straight 5 out of 5 for everything. 

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