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It goes without saying that if you are looking to achieve Cycling excellence, you’ll need to perform fitness activities out of the saddle.

In doing so, Sports fitness wearables can be a huge step forward to assist you with really valuable data and  potentially guide you toward your goals like a personal trainer.

The Moov Now is a multi-sport wearable (it covers running, walking, cycling, swimming, boxing, and more) that coaches you as you workout, giving you everything from rep counts and advice on physiological form, to specifically pre-made workout plans, all through your set of headphones via your smartphone.

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The Moov Now band looks great compared to a lot of the bulky offerings available elsewhere. It’s waterproof, light, comfortable, can be worn on your wrist or ankle and the battery should give you six months of use.

A magnetometer included allows the Moov Now to gauge your impact when running and your reach when boxing. All in all a really handy peice of kit that should now be taken very seriously if you are looking for an out-of-the-saddle fitness companion.

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Ryan Nesbitt

Ryan Nesbitt

Dad, Cyclist, Marketeer, QPR fan and lover of most things Design & Tech. A former Personal Trainer with too many injuries from Running, Football and Rugby; he found Cycling and never looked back. Ryan is founder and regular writer at You can find him on Instagram at @CyclingChap

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