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So you like the idea of using your expensive smartphone for navigation, speed, ride tracking and for keeping in touch, but don’t want to mount it on your handlebars and run the risk of it getting knocked off or rained on? Haiku means that you can leave your phone in your back pocket and just view the essentials on a small, custom-designed device.

Think of the Haiku bike assistant as a bike-specific version of Apple Watch as it uses bluetooth to give you notifications from your smartphone to your handlebars as well as giving navigation instructions. It’s a visually un-cluttered device, and you can change what’s on the display by using nifty swipe gestures.

haiku bike assistant

Hand gestures make the Haiku easy to use

Whilst unnecessary distractions are a bad idea when you’re travelling about on your bike, one could argue that simple and concise cues for calls and incoming messages are a lot safer than rooting around in your back pocket for your phone when you feel it vibrate. The display can only show a couple of lines of text – no more than ten words – so your eyes shouldn’t be off the road for more than a few seconds. It’s still important to give other traffic and pedestrians your primary attention, so you need to exercise caution when the Haiku bike assistant lights up.

Haiku bike assistant

Haiku’s simple interface

The company came up with its own design for mounting it to the handlebars; it’s a magnetic connection which makes removal easy when you leave your bike or when you need to charge the Haiku up (once a week, it’s claimed) using a micro USB cable.

Available on pre-order right now, the retail price is expected to be around £80. This puts it at a price point well below that of a Garmin bike computer, but is certainly expensive enough for you to ask how much you might actually use it on your journeys about town.

Ryan Nesbitt

Ryan Nesbitt

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