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I have spent a lot of time testing new cycling shoes, having suffered with knee pain in almost a constant state, I decided to try more brands to find the right pair for me. Sidi’s, Fizik’s, nothing seemed to give me a comfortable riding experience until I stepped into a pair of Specialized Expert’s. They were worn on every ride throughout last season, so this year I decided to up my shoe game and invest in a pair of Specialized S-Works 6 road shoes.

Featuring an incredibly stiff FACT Powerline carbon sole, which makes them extremely light weight (weighing in at a mere 224g) but also boasting abilities of increasing power, efficiency and reducing a chance of injury by poor hip, knee and foot alignment through the Body Geometry sole and footbed. The FACT Powerline carbon sole is a completely new addition from the old models, Specialized currently have a patent pending on these.

Specialized S-Works 6

Specialized SWorks 6 Laces Shoe Red

I won’t lie, they are difficult to get on at first but the design and comfort alone is enough to forget the frustration. Both Boa S2-Snap dials need to be loosened completely to be able to put the shoes on or to take them off, a problem I haven’t had to deal with in previous shoes. This does offer a huge plus though, it’s much easier to adjust how tight or loose you require the shoes for ultimate comfort, especially if it becomes a problem whilst you’re on the saddle.

You would think what seems like a lack of padding around the achilles would also be a problem but it definitely isn’t, in fact, the Specialized S-Works 6’s PadLock moulded heel coupled with thermo-bonded Dyneema® Cubic Tech™ directional fibres mean they aren’t liable to stretch and cause problems later on. This may mean having to go through a ‘wearing in’ period though.


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Specialized S-Works 6

Specialized SWorks 6 Boa Shoe Black

Once out riding, they offer the comfort needed to enjoy those lengthier distances. I have ridden over 150 miles (dry weather miles only) in these so far and haven’t had one sign of the dreaded knee pain or foot cramp which you can sometimes get with a new pair of shoes.

You would think what seems like a lack of padding around the achilles would be a problem, but it definitely isn’t.

– Scott McKay, Cycled

The Specialized S-Works 6 road shoes come in two different versions, laced or dialled. I’m personally more drawn to the Boa dials as I harbour a concern for laces getting caught in the chain! At the end of the day, this is just personal preference.

These shoes are expensive at £280 but well worth the investment if you’re a regular rider. However if you are new to the sport or are just looking an extremely comfortable pair of shoes the Specialized Expert Road Shoes are well worth a look.

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Specialized S-Works 6 road shoes
  • Comfort
  • Looks
  • Value
  • Innovation


We found these to be extremely comfortable, even if they are at first difficult to put on. A great colour selection available. You certainly won’t be disappointed with these shoes.

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