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Rechargeable batteries are a pain, right? Even the best ones gradually lose their charge over time, and a flat battery in a bike light can mean a long walk in the dark. With the advent of white-light LED technology, bike lights have got much more efficient over the last decade, and lithium-ion batteries have excellent charge characteristics. However, human-powered lights are what you need for that extra peace of mind and an effectively endless source of power, and Danish company Reelight have produced an interesting model called the Reelight City Supreme.

Unlike your typical dynamo bike light, the . The light itself sits just 3mm from the wheel rim, and is attached to the front fork or rear dropout by a tough metal bracket. The frame-fixing plastic clamp is designed to fit most styles of bike, but with the proliferation of modern aero frames it’s worth checking that you’ll be okay. To deter thieves, the lights themselves can be modified to be quickly removable so that you can take them with you.

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Reelight City

One other caveat with these lights is that they don’t work with carbon rims, as the non-metal rims don’t produce the the desired eddy currents.

For a small price premium you can choose the “backup” option that keeps your lights shining when you stop. There still aren’t any batteries, as it works by storing electrical charge in a capacitor, so to make it work you need to have been cycling for five minutes. The company doesn’t make any claims for how long the backup lasts, but one assumes that the feature has been built with a minute’s wait at traffic lights in mind.

A lot of thought has gone into these lights, and the Reelight City has clearly gone to great lengths to keep you cycling visibly and safely and with minimal installation hassle. For a decent price you can see and be seen for as long as you care to ride!


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