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Since 2008 Rapha have been showcasing their love of cycling with their own race series, initially called the Gentlemen’s race, they changed the name in 2015 to Prestige Race Series whilst staying true to its roots in gentlemanly behaviour. This year, 26 races will take place around the world in various locations within England, France, Australia, USA, Japan and even South Korea. There will also be women only rides taking place. All of the races are pretty much unsupported adding extra appeal to the modern day adventurous rider.

The criteria is that you must be in a team of 4 riders and must complete the course together. So far 1,024 riders from 256 teams have completed the races to date.

Rapha Prestige Womens Jersey

Rapha Prestige Womens Jersey

Rapha Prestige Jersey arm detail

Rapha Prestige Jersey arm detail

As Rapha are in the business of making products as well as experiences, they’ve celebrated this event by creating the Prestige Jerseys for men and women. Based on the Rapha Core Jersey, the Prestige Jerseys feature the standard three large cargo pockets and is made of a breathable sweat-wicking performance fabric with anti-bacterial treatment to keep body odours at bay, while the mesh side and rear panels offer further ventilation. There are also a vertical zipped pocket which will offer plenty of space for your valuables during longer rides and Sportives.

Rapha have also taken the liberty of providing accompanying Rapha Prestige Base Layers in case the idea of not matching appals you.

Apart from Rapha’s unique styling, much of the appeal of the brand is their passion when it comes to creating events like this and how they manage to tie in beautiful products, photography and experiences. No doubt this will be another highly successful product release.

Rapha Prestige Limburg

A welcome reward at the Rapha Prestige Limburg, Belgium


A Rapha Prestige Womens Team

A Rapha Prestige Womens Team

Rapha Prestige Peak District

Standard weather for the Rapha Prestige Peak District, England

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