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With the launch of the long-awaited Rapha Classic Shoe, the British cycling fashion retailer claim to have delivered the ‘the last word in comfort’.

Now, you may think we’ve seen Rapha shoes before, but the truth is we haven’t. The earlier shoes such is the Rapha Climbers were actually made by Giro, thus making these their first foray into the shoe market alone.


As with most Rapha productions, the quality appears to be great, with some well thought out features you would only come to expect from a brand with such attention to detail typically.

The Rapha Classic shoe features a lightweight carbon sole, which is uniquely covered with a ‘robust’ TPU outsole so as to protect the carbon and avoid those rather unpleasant slippages under foot when you’re at the cafe.

rapha classic shoe whiteA sculpted heel keeps you snug at the rear of the shoe when in or out of the saddle. Arch support is adjustable to allow for a wide range of foot shapes and sizes. A toe strap for that snug fit along with a very much appreciated elastic loop to keep your laces tidily away from your chainset. Finally, a healthy sized toe-box for those of us that are less-than-dainty in the foot department!


The Rapha Classic Shoe is launched in 4 colours. White, black, Black Pearl and the expected High-Vis Pink Rapha have become so synonymous with. The Black Pearl and High-Vis pink editions have been advertised initially as limited runs of only a few hundred each.

Rapha claim to have ridden for over 30,000km in testing these, and that they deliver the last word in comfort.

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Ryan Nesbitt

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