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Tracking, measuring, socially sharing and liking you and your cycling friends activities has become an essential element of the modern-day cyclist. As someone once said, ‘if you’re not on Strava, it never happened!’

There are a tonne of options to choose from to track your hard-earned miles, with price points varying greatly. From the Garmin Edge range including the fantastic Edge 810 and Edge 1000 models, but many of these are pricey for the average rider who just simply wants to track their activities to better understand their ability and or lack of.

The Quad Lock provides a perfect solution for users in this position, at a price point that’ll suit most budgets.

quad lock for road bikes

I chose the iPhone 6 version which came with the phone case, a rainproof cover which they call a ‘poncho’ and the bike mount with all of the O-ring and zip tie fittings needed to securely fix it to your handlebars.

I found the bike mount easy to use and once the Quad lock case had clicked and twisted into place, it didn’t move about at all giving me a lot of confidence my trusted iPhone was safe and secure.

When you want to stop for your essential mid ride refreshment, it’s an easy process to just push down the blue hand unit and twist the phone out, it’s as simple as that.

Currently Quad Lock have versions for iPhones 4, 5 and 6 and 6s plus, as well as Samsung galaxy S4 and S5 models. They also have a universal fit case but you’d need to check your phone dimensions as to whether this will fit your device.

quad lock for running

For those that are into off-bike activities, you can purchase a variety of additional accessories including armband for running or the gym, smartphone car mount and even a tripod adapter for taking video, which we found perfect for time-lapse.



See the Quad Lock range

  • Price
  • Ease of use
  • Strength


The Quad Lock is undoubtedly a highly versatile bit of kit for the exercise enthusiast, allowing cyclists, runners or gym-goers to easily get their smartphone on or off the various Quad Lock attachments with relative ease. The cost is unlikely to be prohibitive to most.

Ryan Nesbitt

Ryan Nesbitt

Dad, Cyclist, Marketeer, QPR fan and lover of most things Design & Tech. A former Personal Trainer with too many injuries from Running, Football and Rugby; he found Cycling and never looked back. Ryan is founder and regular writer at You can find him on Instagram at @CyclingChap

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