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There are strong arguments as to whether you should ride with headphones in or not. On a personal note, sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. But, no matter which camp you are in, when it comes to the quality of your goods, most seek out the best they can find for their hard earned bucks. If you’re an Apple user, although adequate, the standard white Apple earbuds always fall out. So our search for some decent wireless headphones has been a long one. We were introduced recently to the Plantronics BackBeat FIT Wireless Stereo Headphones and boy are we grateful!


Backbeat fit green case and pouch


Case for the Blue Backbeat

But why are they so great?

They actually stay in your ears! Earbuds are eternally slated in the world of cycling because once you start riding anything other than perfect terrain, they fall out. The Backbeats hover right outside your ear. This is great for two reasons. Firstly, the earpiece just seems to stay in place and secondly, there seems to be enough space given to allow you to hear your surroundings, albeit in the distance. This is clearly an advantage for riders everywhere keen to have their tunes whilst remaining switched on to potential hazards.

Plantronics Backbeat headphones are bluetooth ready, which naturally implies they are battery powered. This might normally concern you, but the battery is fantastic. Give it a full charge and you can get 7-8 hours of audio. Just charge them when you charge your iPhone or Android and you are set for the rest of the day.

These headphones are fairly light, but really well made. The back part of the strap on the headphones doubles up as a reflector, so you can ride hard with your head down and get additional glare for nearby cars to spot you.

It also comes with a reversible armband that secures your phone while you are putting the hammer down and stores your headphones when you’re done. The armband also has a super reflective surface (like the back of the headband).

The Plantronics Backbeat Fit headphones are waterproof up to one meter and have a built-in mic just in case you need to take a call during your ride.

The sound quality is solid. I’m not going to say they are the finest on the market, but the price reflects that, they stay in your ears and they certainly sound good enough.


In terms of price, compared to a lot of the weak offerings on the market, I’d say they offer real value for money at around £59 from Amazon (approx $83).


Plantronics BackBeat FIT Headphones
  • Toughness
  • Sound Quality
  • Price
Ryan Nesbitt

Ryan Nesbitt

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