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Paul Smith is well known for his long-term love of cycling. And now the cyclo-fashionista has partnered with Kask, another iconic cycling brand and welcomed them into his warm embrace by working on a new twist on the Kask Rainbow Protone.

He has previously collaborated with the likes of Rapha to produce jerseys, co-created a fixie with Mercian Cycles, published books and even has his own Paul Smith 531 Cycling range. He is also well-known amongst cycling aficionados for a unique collection of vintage jerseys.

The Protone is known for both its performance benefits and sleek un-mushroom-like looks, and as such has become a firm favourite with both performance junkies as well as the cycling fashion diehards; particularly with it’s Matte Black Protone and Matte Navy Protone models.

Paul Smith Kask Rainbow Protone

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Paul Smith Kask Rainbow Protone

Designed with the support of the talented folk at Team Sky, the ‘Rainbow Gradient’ Protone Helmet is designed with a focus on performance and just like all other Protone Helmets, lightness and safety.

The helmet offers 14 vents, a chinstrap made with high quality eco-leather and removable and washable inner Coolmax® padding.

Unsurprisingly, the attention to detail doesn’t stop at the exterior of the helmet, with the Rainbow Protone continuing the effect on the inner padding to produce that cool custom finish.

Paul Smith Kask Rainbow Protone

The external rainbow gradient finish is continued on the interior pads.

We expect this helmet to bring polarising reviews, but it’s gone down a storm at Cycled HQ for its uniqueness and bold choice of colours.

Currently the Rainbow Protone is only available directly through the Paul Smith website and is priced at £220, approx $285 US or $367 AUS with current exchange rates.

Would you like to see more variations from this collaboration?

Love it or hate the Kask Rainbow Protone? Give us your comments below.

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