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As many people know the link between cycling and Paul Smith is strong. In his formative years, a young Paul Smith was an aspiring pro cyclist until an unfortunate crash which would end that dream. I am sure if you asked him he would tell you that with one door closing another opens and fortunately for him the door that was opened for him was the world of design.

Fast-forward to 2016, and his love for cycling and his inspiring ability to design timeless classics is stronger than ever with his new collection Paul Smith 531.

Paul Smith 531

Paul Smith Men’s 531 Grey 4-Way Stretch Lightweight Mesh Cycling T-Shirt

The Paul Smith 531 collection is aimed to provide comfortable summer riding without sacrificing performance or style and it certainly does not disappoint. With a variety of colour-ways coupled with the modular feel to the kit, you can rest assured that the collection will provide something for every occasion.

Paul Smith Men's 531 Yellow Waterproof Cycling Jacket

Paul Smith Men’s 531 Yellow Waterproof Cycling Jacket

Looking through the pieces that have been created, the key items that interested me was the Orange Wind And Shower Resistant Packable Cycling Jacket as whether on an urban jaunt through the city or out on your weekend century this looks to be that comfortable solution that can turn a damp ride from a hellish slug to a bearable experience. This coupled with either the 4-Way Stretch Cycling Over-Shorts or the Padded Cycling Bib Shorts depending on what takes your fancy and the Merino-Blend Mesh Cycling Jersey you’re set for a great day out.

If this season you are looking for your every occasion kit, I couldn’t recommend this eclectic addition to the cycling apparel world more. With all your urban and road cycling needs completely catered for in every single way, Paul Smith is, as always, bringing his re-invigorating style to cycling.


See the full Paul Smith 531 range



Adam Williams

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