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We all know that there is one company most cycling cleaning brands will aspire to be, with their high-end branding and top-level team association, but that doesn’t always mean that they produce the best. When paint shop No Quarter Paint showed their head with their new line of cleaning products I had a good idea what was coming.

Cycle Shampoo

The No Quarter Paint Shampoo instantly pleased me. You needed a small amount of it, it created masses of bubbles and the best bit… it smelt of bubblegum! Okay, the bubbles are not a deal maker and the smell of bubblegum doesn’t really matter but it did make me smile. That aside, it really did the trick. A small amount really does go a long way and after a spray of water I was able to remove the dirt and grime I had collected.

No Quarter Paint

No Quarter Paint Shampoo


I did some research into No Quarter Paint Wax and found that the key element in this product, Carnauba Wax is a key ingredient in car waxes. It builds a protective layer between your paintwork and the outside world and it really does an amazing trick. It prevents the grime from sticking and water beads off beautifully. An added bonus as well is that it is not only good for gloss finishes but it brings those matt finishes up perfectly without adding any shine to the surface.

No Quarter Paint

No Quarter Paint Carnauba based Wax

Speed Detailer

This really is that quick cleaner for when you don’t have the time for a full clean. It’s a spray on and wipe off cleaner which I found very useful after a wet commute or when I just have a small amount of grime on one part of the bike.


This was a real bonus I felt. In the pack you have a sponge, detailing brush and 2 purple microfiber cloths.

The sponge is this kind of rubbery material which feels oddly damp but don’t let that fool you. It is so gentle yet so effective I would go as far to say this is maybe one of the best things I have had the pleasure of using when it comes to cleaning my bike. Be warned though, don’t let it dry out; I had to leave mine to soak for a while after letting it dry out too much at one point. The detailing brush is a great addition as well as it makes it easier to irritate the grime off in a gentle manner, especially in those harder to reach places. And then finally you have the 2 microfiber cloths which are simply one to dry and then one to apply and buff the wax.

All have their place and really bring together this cleaning solution.

Verdict on No Quarter Paint

The reality is, if you want your bike re-painted then you go to the best paint shop available to you, so why wouldn’t you trust the aftercare of your pride and joy to the people who know paint better than anyone else.
This cleaning solution really is a fantastic product. It is extremely effective and the results I have had really do rival the top brands out there. It is stylishly put together with that continuous theme of black and purple.

All-round, a great product that you should try if you really want to care for your bike.

  • Price
  • Finish
  • Packaging


A high quality product to maintain the paintwork on your beloved bike. Don’t be put off by the price tag. You get what you pay for in life.

Adam Williams

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