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You may have heard, but there’s a virus going around at the moment that’s keeping everyone from congregating in groups. The pandemic has led to a big uplift in sales for some industries, with the indoor cycling market certainly being one of them, as we clutch at anything to keep ourselves fit and somewhat sane.

With the likes of Zwift seeing exponential growth, it’s likely that Nike has been working on the Nike SuperRep Cycle for a while, but the timing of this release couldn’t have been much better for the American sportswear giant to release their first-ever indoor cycling shoe, having not released a cycling-specific shoe for over a decade and since then only producing bespoke outdoor shoes for the likes of Mark Cavendish.

Nike SuperRep Cycle

Classic black and white colourway

Designed specifically for indoor cycling and launching during a time when more workouts are performed inside, the Nike SuperRep Cycle is Nike’s first venture into indoor cycling footwear. The shoe brings stability and breathability on and off the bike.

To better address the needs of riders’ lateral and out-of-seat movements, a supporting arc on the shoe’s medial side help keep feet secured during “Figure 8s” or other side-to-side combinations out of the saddle. The Nike SuperRep Cycle also solves for heavy, wet shoes during a hot and sweaty bike session, whether at home or in the studio, by incorporating lightweight, translucid mesh on the upper, coupled with a perforated sock liner and vents through the bottom of the plate to enable better airflow around the toes.

Nike SuperRep Cycle

Vibrant neon orange and pink – the women’s exclusive

The shoe is designed with a simplified closure system, making it easier to get on and off. Rubber studs and a textured toe plate provide traction while walking to and from the bike. Working for caged or clipped-in riders (clips are compatible with major cleat systems), the shoe is versatile and visually stunning — this comes through in details of ghosted mesh on a vibrant neon orange and pink in the women’s exclusive colourway. A classic black and white colourway is also available.

Nike SuperRep Cycle

Nike unique cleat installation from inside the shoe

The Nike SuperRep Cycle is the newest release from the Nike SuperRep family — a suite of footwear including the Nike Air Zoom SuperRep (for high-intensity interval training workouts) and the Nike SuperRep Go (for self-guided exercise in a more contained space), which serve performance needs across a spectrum of training activities.

The Nike SuperRep Cycle releases in Europe May 1 on, followed by a Nike Member release in North America May 26 and a global release June 1.


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