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A vast amount of us in our lifetimes are affected by the tragic and devastating affects of Cancer. Being an avid follower of Morvelo and their products since my time living in Brighton, when I saw that they had released a memorial product to the late Jenn Hill it seemed an opportunity I could not miss to bring spotlight to what is not only a great product but a great cause.

Enter the Morvelo Fuck Cancer Socks.

Morvelo fuck cancer sock

So about the product… Well, as said they come in one colour, in your face pink and have the statement ‘Fuck Cancer’ down the back of the socks which if you are anything like myself plays to the inner kid in me. They are made of a lightweight and very comfortable fabric which Morvelo claim to be a highly breathable moisture wicking fabric that upon wearing these, I found very comfortable. For all of you out there that who are fastidious about their sock length you can rest assured that your tan lines are going to stay razor sharp with the cuff staying well placed with their perfect sock length.

Morvelo fuck cancer sock reverse

These bright beauties are homage to a great lady who was an avid cyclist, a supporter of the Morvelo brand and Deputy Editor of Sidetrack magazine. I think we can all agree that these are going to set you apart from the crowd with their bright pink hue and bold statement up the back of the sock. It makes the statement we are all thinking and when you purchase this great piece of apparel you can also rest in the knowledge that all the proceeds from these go to three great charities; Macmillan Cancer Support, Cancer Research UK and St Gemma’s Hospice.


Morvelo have already had one batch of 500 socks and these sold out in less than 24 hours so have made another run of these and are likely to keep these in production. That said, I couldn’t recommend a product more that will keep the inner sock doper happy, pay respect to a great lady and help raise money for three very worthwhile charities.

Chapeau Morvelo!

Visit for more information.

Adam Williams

Adam Williams

Lover of cycling and avid coffee drinker, drawn to anything that stands out from the crowd. Can be found mostly on the road less used training for his next big challenge when not writing for You can catch him on Instagram at @baloowithwheels

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