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‘Bonjour Le Style’ is the tag line for Matchy Cycling, and from the off it gives you a good idea of they are about. Matchy Cycling are an apparel brand with their inspiration firmly placed with the ever growing and burgeoning scene based in London at the moment.

Something that really drew me to the brand was their concept of creating limited run apparel as to keep it unique and exclusive. On top of these limited run goods they would then have the core line, the ‘Infinity Collection’, that at this present time consists of a long sleeve jersey and a cap. This collection is designed with the winter in mind because lets be honest, being based in the UK, it is the most appropriate season to design for.

Matchy Cycling Infinity

First impressions of the goods out of the packaging can only be described as perfect.

The Jersey is made of a soft but sturdy fabric perfectly cut to give that close race fit but with the comfort of an all day jersey. One of the issues I find with long sleeve jerseys is finding that perfect balance between fitting the entirety of my arms (as I have fairly small arms) but at the same time not being too tight on the body, and I have to say they have got this balance to a tee.

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Matchy Cycling Infinity

We then come to the styling, while they may not be for those seeking a more garish style, I think they’re right on point. The minimalist style of a pure black jersey with the Geo-print pocket and cuff screams panache. That matched with the simple but effectively designed cap and you can rest assured that when you turn up to your mid ride stop other cyclist will be in awe of your kit. One of my favourite features of the design is this geometric ‘M’ pattern which is on both the cap and jersey as it is a very distinguishing design which in my opinion will last the test of time.

At a cost of £95 for the jersey and £15 for the cap you will not be let down, as you are not only supporting a young brand which is set to do great things but you will be buying high end quality goods which will look great for seasons to come.

See the Matchy Cycling collection

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