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Over the years I have seen many unique saddle designs come and go. They would hit the market with an excitement less seen in the traditional designs of the saddle companies we all know. I personally always steered clear of these as I had my tried and tested saddles I could rely on, and though I would be tempted I was always filled with the knowledge that eventually I would return to my trusted perch. That all said, when I stumbled across the Infinity Seat company something struck a chord with their Infinity Saddle, with its unique design element and almost outlandish looks.

Upon receiving the item I was pretty taken back by this unique offering I had been sent. The Infinity Saddle model I received was the N series and with its huge cutout and non existent padding you can imagine my scepticism around any comfort it may hold.

Once the initial instalment had been done using the tutorial sheet found with the product or via their video, I did the usual around the block ride I do with any new product. It didn’t blow me away, but I soon figured out why.

Infinity L2 shown in White Leather with Candy Apple Red Rail

Infinity L2 shown in White Leather with Candy Apple Red Rail

Traditional saddle designs employ a simple principle of a platform in which you sit on. For this to be comfortable this needs to be wide enough to seat your sitting bones and ergonomically designed to remove pressure in the necessary areas. The infinity saddle is a completely different concept. The majority of the saddle is cutout meaning your sitting bones sit in what can only be described as pockets. The cutout then continues forward removing any pressure from the perineum which leaves what can only be described as a frame which is suspended over the saddle rails.

Now I will not lie, this took a lot of tinkering to get right. There is a perfect position in which the nose of the saddle is at the correct pitch so it does not add pressure but once you have this along with the usual height and fore/aft position, this saddle then comes in to its own.

As I said before, you sit in the saddle opposed to on the saddle which in turn provides an incredible sense of being attached to the bike. As a lover of descents, this saddle is the ultimate companion for those roads pointing downwards as you can hunker down in the saddle and really get the feeling of being one with the bike. Not only this but also it provides unbelievable amounts of comfort. I took this out on a shorter 50km ride as well as a 150km+ ride and on neither rides did I feel like this saddle was hindering my ride, if anything it was enabling me to just keep going.

Infinity L-Series Seat in Red with Black Chrome Rail

Infinity L-Series Seat in Red with Black Chrome Rail

Pink Infinity N-Series Seat with Chrome Rails

Pink Infinity N-Series Seat with Chrome Rails

With anything there is always going to be elements which don’t quite meet the mark. I feel the installation is a little fiddly which for some people might be an issue but this is sheerly due to being used to the more traditional setup and could be counteracted with having this installed by your local bike for technician. Also another concern for me is, as someone who enjoys the winter miles I have always matched my saddles across my summer and winter bike but with the huge cutout in this saddle you could be left with a very wet undercarriage if you do not have top notch set of mudguards.

That being said, the Infinity Saddle is an incredible product that will undoubtedly create plenty of debate.


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  • Quality


The fit and finish of the Infinity Saddle leaves nothing to be desired and once installed it really is one of the most comfortable saddles I have ever come across and will be featured on my summer bike for some time to come.

Adam Williams

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