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If you’re concerned about your bike being stolen from your garage or work-place, and are looking for a way to store it out of the way, then the Hangman bike bracket may be the solution.  It is essentially a bike lock that secures to a wall or to a floor stand.  It is a solid and chunky piece of kit, made of steel-reinforced glass-filled nylon that the makers assert is very hard to cut through.  Despite being tough, it is soft where it matters, and your bike will nestle against soft rubber jaws that don’t actually squeeze the frame or wheel.  The manufacturers have an established presence in the market for wall-mounted TV brackets, so there should be no danger of the Hangman failing under the weight of your pride and joy.

The Hangman bike bracket is really easy to install.  Find a large enough space on a wall to accommodate your bike, at the desired height, and attach the U-shaped bracket to the wall with suitably beefy screws.  Slot the Hangman onto the bracket, and secure it in place with two security hex bolts.


Hangman Bike Bracket

You will find the Hangman bike bracket straightforward to use on a day-to-day basis.  Simply place your bike onto the bright orange rest, and the clamp automatically drops down.  However it doesn’t lock automatically; you always need a key to lock and unlock the Hangman.  This way, there is no danger of accidentally locking your bike to the wall before realising that you’ve no idea where you left the keys!  It also means that you have the option of just using the Hangman as a bike hanger, without using the lock.

If you don’t have a spare area of wall, the System3 is a free-standing telescopic pole solution that can be attached to the floor or ceiling; you can also affix multiple Hangman locks (at different heights) to the pole.

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There are a couple of optional extras for the Hangman.  The System2 (and its 90° variant, System 290) is a vertical bar that fixes to the wall, and the Hangman can then be secured to this at the desired height.  It also has a small shelf which is useful for dumping your cycling paraphernalia such as glasses and helmet.  You can also buy more shelves as required.  To round off the unit’s capability as a secure store for the working bike, you can add a USB hub that features six USB sockets for charging your lights, bike computer, etc.

The Hangman is also available in a right-angle version, so that you can secure your bike at 90° to the wall.

Security-wise, the Hangman does the job – but it doesn’t come with any security certification.  You get a locking bike bracket that will deter an opportunist thief, the well-armed professional may well have little problem getting past the lock or the security bolts.

The basic unit retails at £59.99 on the company website, and the floor-standing option is £199.99.


See the Hangman Systems


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A tough bike storage bracket that does the job well, and only lacks security certification.

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