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Rollers, a fantastic training tool and worth the effort to learn to ride them for the more realistic road feel over a turbo trainer. Often spotted before road races and TT’s as an easy way of warming up they have a long-standing place in the list of kit every racer should own. One big flaw with them though has often been their size and difficulty to store. Rollers need to be as long as a bike in order to accommodate both front and back wheels, and to aid storage, they simply fold in half but this is still a bulky item and limits storage and transportation options. Taking one to a race often took up most of my boot space.

Elite Quick Motion

The flexible and cool looking Elite Quick Motion rollers

Elite have the answer though, the Elite Quick Motion, a roller that cleverly folds down into 3 sections to be easily carried and stowed as easily as a turbo trainer.

Arriving well packed and in a well presented box it is everything we have come to expect from Elite who are well established as one of the key players in the home trainer world. No complex assembly required, just open it up, secure using the simple screw down locks and get the sweat on.

Elite Quick Motion

Elite Quick Motion rollers cleverly fold into 3 sections

The roller barrels themselves are the same as those found on the ever popular Elite Arione roller and offer a lip either side to keep the tyre rolling off the edge. It is still possible to roll off the edge but takes a little more effort to do so than on other rollers out there. The bearings are smooth and combined with a well made frame, noise is low for a set of rollers. Feeling solid and level it is a nice ride and felt easier to use than some other rollers whose jerky ride can make those new to rollers nervous.

For those wanting more data, or to connect to Zwift, (and let’s be honest, we all connect to Zwift now in a bid to keep the tedium of indoor training away) there is the optional Elite Misuro Bluetooth Speed Sensor which quickly and simply sticks to a purpose-built recess in the frame of the rollers to sense an inbuilt magnet in the roller and relay this data to a receiver. Whilst it shows some thought and consideration to the technical world we live in to offer this aftermarket part and design in a location to fit it, I couldn’t help but think this really should be a standard item and integrated into the rollers as standard. It all felt a little like an afterthought to please a minority rather than a feature they felt had a bona fide place. Still, not a huge complaint, and as the recess is there, it’s a quick and neat addition to the setup.

Elite Quick motion rollers

The Elite Quick Motion Rollers adjust to match different bicycle wheelbases

Resistance is adjustable with 3 different options selected by a selector on the body, which when coupled with your bikes gears offers a good range of resistance for all but the faster sprinters, and it takes a brave person to do sprint intervals on rollers anyway!

Packing away for travel or storage takes seconds, releasing the locks and folding up nicely. My only complaint being the rubber tension bands hang freely with no location hooks or storage options. I tucked them out of the way but it wouldn’t have been too difficult to add some hooks or a clip to hold things tidy when not in use. Again, a minor complaint, but probably a more niggling one that will annoy.

All in all, I really liked the Elite Quick Motion and can see myself purchasing some in the future for my own warm ups prior to races, they’ll fit nicely in my boot and due to the sturdy manufacture and build quality, they’ll take all the abuse I throw at them throughout a season and more. Not cheap, but they’ll last longer than you will and thanks to the additional sensor are a little more future proof.

If you already have the Elite Arione rollers then this isn’t a significant upgrade unless you need the storage or connectivity options but I don’t think you’d regret getting it, I will be. ┬áIf you don’t have rollers, then you should, and these are the ones to beat, compact, well built, and connectable, they have all the features you need to get going.


Elite Quick Motion Rollers at Evans Cycles


  • Value for Money
  • Looks
  • Build Quality


Elite offer transportable and alternative option to the stale and ‘samey’ rollers market

Gavin Barron

Gavin Barron

Gavin is a long distance triathlete, road racer and time trialist. Often found in the hills of Italy hopelessly chasing Strava segments. Gavin is a regular writer at and has thus far avoided the lure of twitter. You find him on instagram @pedal_powered

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