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Any non-fair-weather rider will be able to confirm the conundrum of choosing between layering up or just going for a solid jacket at those times of year when you know you’ll need to be covered up for all of your ride. When we heard this issue had been resolved by the Chpt 3 Jersey Jacket, we were intrigued to say the least.

Once you get up to temperature on a longer ride, a jacket can often lead to overheating, similarly a jersey can struggle to keep you warm. Thus the issue of fluctuating conditions.

The Chpt 3 Jersey Jacket solves this problem using 3-ply fabric, in other words it is made by layering 3 differnt fabrics together with a foam core. It could be best described as like a ski-jumping suit material.

This structured approach gives the Chpt 3 Jersey Jacket a rigid look but Chpt 3 assure us of its undoubted comfort, which to be fair , we entirely expect from David Millar / Castelli and their teams.

The internal foam layer wicks the sweat away from the body while also providing wind protection without forsaking the breathability, which explains why it can handle just such varying conditions.

Around all the seams a piping can be found which prevents the three fabrics from separating.

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The Chpt 3 Jersey Jacket looks to be fitted, I mean really fitted. Hence having the word jersey in there. So perhaps not a choice for the bulkier rider.

There are 3 pockets at the back as well as a vertical chest pocket with a chunky but lightweight zipper, so as to avoid those fiddly moments when your fingers let you down on colder rides.  To round things off, they have designed the Chpt 3 Jersey Jacket with a heigh neck, to give a feeling of comfort and security.

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Chpt 3 Jersey Jacket

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