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Bon Courage is the brainchild of Beth Hiller. We were fortunate to meet her and her husband at the Spin London Cycling event back in May and we were certainly taken back with the retro designs based on the foothills of the French Pyrenees.

Beth took the time to talk us through her inspiration of the new clothing range for cyclists. It might not be to everyone’s taste but we think her range has some great concepts.

The brand identity comes from, the phrase ‘Bon Courage’ is heard amongst cyclists and their supporters, not just in France but around the world. It’s indicative of the attitude typical amongst the cycling fraternity; don’t give up, draw on your inner strength, keep going in the face of adversity. Taking this inspirational drive towards endurance and durability as its key starting point, Bon Courage clothing aim to appeal to anyone who loves cycling, whether as a participant or a supporter.

Bon Courage Cycling

Bon Courage – Ride Your Bike t-shirt

We took a good look at some of the t-shirts and hoodies available, the material is exceptional, designs are as eye catching as the images online and they do not fail on the quality aspect. The only downside I have found is the sizing, I am normally a medium but a small seems to fit me better but that could just be down to my personal preference. The hoodies fit like a glove, definitely a must have when the summer is over. The children’s collection also holds a great selection and the feedback we have had about the range has been great. My two children were quick to point out the ‘Cycling legend in the Making’ t-shirt, something I hope bodes well for the future!

Bon Courage Knitted Hats

Bon Courage Knitted Hats

Bon Courage doesn’t stop short at apparel though, there are also some other great cycling items available on the website such as hats, mugs and prints. The prints would certainly brighten up any home, cyclist or not.

All in all, some designs will appeal and some won’t as is the case for current fashion trends. The Pyrenees designs will certainly catch the eye of any keen cyclist and they are not priced badly either. I certainly look forward to seeing the new designs they come up with.


See the Bon Courage collection

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