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When it comes to buying a helmet for Cycling, we are typically left with a couple of choices. An aero helmet which naturally gives us speed, or a naturally vented helmet that also provides us with additional protection. To add to this, we may also be tempted to get out for a spot of Mountain biking, meaning that we’re potentially looking at purchasing three helmets for different occasions.

The good folks at Bollé have recognised this issue and have gone about tackling this with their new snappily named ‘The One’.

The Bollé ‘The One’ helmet is brilliantly designed to cater for your road, racing, triathlon and mountain bike needs in a single package. The design boasts two removable panels that when in place, cover the vents making the helmet more aerodynamic.

The coloured panels pop out to reveal the vents required to cool you down, perfect for sunnier days when you are clocking up the miles.

A large variety of colours. Black and dark grey here

Detachable MTB visor

Detachable MTB visor

There are also plugs at the front of the helmet which can be removed to allow for an included visor attachment, to serve mountain bike riders.

Removable panels reveal the 'sunglasses garage'

Removable panels reveal the ‘sunglasses garage’

It’s easy to see that Bollé have really thrown all of their design power into the One. The sunglasses garage is an area where this design and testing is visible for all to see. The two side slots offer a perfect housing for your glasses without any fear of them popping out or creating any uncomfortable pressure on your temples.

bolle the one

Optional light can be placed in the back of the helmet

The fact there are many safety features make this a great solution for everyday commuters too. The optional light that can be fitted directly into the back of the helmet with undoubtedly become a popular add-on. It just makes complete sense to buy it when using busy city roads at night making it easier for drivers and pedestrians to see you over parked cars, fences and other obstacles that may disrupt normal view of your bike mounted lights.

The only issue with this light is that it is touch sensitive which means the pressure pad is sensitive enough for the light to be accidentally turned on and quickly drain the battery.

QR code sticker can store important information

QR code sticker can store important information

The helmet also comes with a well thought out QR code sticker to be placed around the back. Simply download the a recommended App, fill in any medical details you think would be important, and next time you go flying over your handlebars, the lucky paramedic can simply scan the details they need.

See the Bollé ‘The One’ range

Bollé 'The One' ratings
  • Strength
  • Looks
  • Value
  • Versatility


We found this to be a strong, versatile and comfortable helmet with very few elements to turn off the average club rider. Loads of colour options are a nice bonus.

Those looking for a pure aero helmet will want to turn their attention elsewhere.

Ryan Nesbitt

Ryan Nesbitt

Dad, Cyclist, Marketeer, QPR fan and lover of most things Design & Tech. A former Personal Trainer with too many injuries from Running, Football and Rugby; he found Cycling and never looked back. Ryan is founder and regular writer at You can find him on Instagram at @CyclingChap

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