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Would you like to make your presence known on the road before you’re even there? If so, the Blaze Laserlight may be just the light you need. Laser technology projects a bike symbol in front of you, increasing your visible footprint on the road by an astonishing six metres. This can make a significant difference with drivers who might be tempted to perform the dreaded “left hook” of turning left immediately after overtaking you, or with oncoming drivers wanting to turn right across your path. This projection is visible from many angles, so there should be no excuse for not seeing it. Depending on your specific situation, you can choose whether you want the included 300 lumen LED light on by itself, or combined with the laser.

Blaze laserlights

Blaze laserlight comes in Black or White

Because it’s an actual laser that could cause injury if shone directly into people’s eyes, the green projection can only be turned on when the light is fixed into the bike bracket – a very sensible precaution.

Here are some comments that cyclists have made about the Blaze Laserlight:

Making drivers aware about your presence before you get there.”

The amount spent on the Blaze Laserlight way gives back its value in terms of peace of mind and safety.”

Blaze Laserlight give more information to other road users around you, which naturally helps to enhance user safety. They help you to see, and help other people to see you as well.”

The laser projection isn’t just a novelty value; it’s the fact that it’s so bright, people can’t help but see it.”

The idea of projecting an image of a bicycle onto the road is good from a psychological point of view, and it’s comforting seeing that green projection out there.”

Blaze laserlight

The Blaze Laserlight projects a bike symbol 6 metres in front of you

This isn’t just a cheap bike light with a fad. The main light body itself has been carefully designed and is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminium; it is fully waterproof and features a simple quick-release mechanism. It has a battery level indicator and should last up to 13 hours. You simply charge it using a USB cable, with a full charge taking four hours – or a half-charge in one hour.

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