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When you need the guiding hand of your GPS-enabled cycle computer to reach your destination and keep feeling a bit oppressed by its insistence on which roads to take, then you may appreciate the subtlety of the Beeline smart compass.

Beeline smart compass

Attach your Beeline to your handlebars easily

You see, Beeline looks more like a compass than a navigator, and all it does is point in the direction of your destination (plus the straight-line distance to get there).  This means that as you’re cycling along, you know whether you’re heading in the correct general direction and how close you’re getting.  The lack of turn-by-turn navigation might be disconcerting at first, but you may find that it appeals to your inner explorer as you meander generally in the direction of the arrow.

To keep the device really simple, you tell it where you want to go using a custom app on your smartphone.  If you know that there’s a landmark you have to traverse (eg, a bridge) you can add intermediate points in the app.

BeeLine doesn’t store any map data or even know whether you’re on a road.  The cut-down approach that the designers used has the useful bonus that battery life is measured in months, not days.  When Beeline does eventually run flat, you simply charge it up through a USB cable.

Beeline smart compass

Find a Beeline to match your bike

Retailing at almost £100, Beeline smart compass isn’t something you’d want to leave on your bike.  The solution to this is really neat: the Beeline smart compass has a lid attached via the flexible rubber strap.  Pop the BeeLine out of its lid, unwrap it from the handlebars, and pop the lid on the BeeLine to protect it in your pocket.

Beeline smart compass

The Beeline easily attaches to your keyring

BeeLine is an elegant and extremely intuitive navigational aid. You can pick up a beeline from from their online shop via the link below.

Buy Beeline Smart Compass

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