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Unless you are blessed with ample storage at home or work, finding somewhere to park your steed overnight or potentially longer can be a real pain and take up important space; not to mention the moaning from disgruntled partners or colleagues. But, not to worry, Dutch outfit Artivelo may have just the solution for you with their very Bikedock

Artivelo BikeDock was created by an innovative collaboration between experienced people from cycling.

One of them is former elite rider Oscar Verheul. During and after his cycling career, he thought about ease of everyday things and the efficient organization of space. For example, organizing and storing your racing bike and accessories. Design and sustainability were always central. This led to the development of the BikeDock.

Designed in collaboration with people from cycling and industry experts. For a stylish, easier and more convenient storage of your bike and gear.




Artivelo BikeDock

The BikeDock comes in 2 satisfying colours, namely Loft Black and Tour de France Yellow that should satisfy most discerning buyers.

At the time of writing this article, it is available directly through Artivelo but also through various Artivelo dealers throughout Europe and Taiwan.


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Ryan Nesbitt

Ryan Nesbitt

Dad, Cyclist, Marketeer, QPR fan and lover of most things Design & Tech. A former Personal Trainer with too many injuries from Running, Football and Rugby; he found Cycling and never looked back. Ryan is founder and regular writer at You can find him on Instagram at @CyclingChap

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