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Almost all helmet brands now have an aero offering, and Abus are now joining the list with the new Abus Gamechanger aero cycling helmet. Joining forces with the Movistar cycling team, Abus have created a helmet that somehow offers 23% less frontal area than their current top helmet. Just naming it the ‘Gamechanger’ is a serious sign of intent and a great deal of work has gone into creating a helmet that delivers “efficient performance regardless of the riders head tilt or the inflow angle”. Essentially, Abus have worked to optimise airflow for all head positions usually found in road racing, this isn’t a modified TT helmet for the road, it is a dedicated helmet, designed to be fast in the real and ever changing world of road racing.

Abus Gamechanger

Abus Gamechanger Initial Concept

Abus Gamechanger

Forced Air Cooling creates ‘perfect climate”

And when racing hard, cooling is as important as aero, and ABUS employ Forced Air Cooling Technology. What is that? Well, ABUS say the perfect temperature management of the head is only possible when all vents are effectively interconnected, so they have designed them so that they work together and not individually, meaning the elaborately named Forced Air Cooling Technology channels the incoming air around the head and provides the perfect climate.

Abus Gamechanger

Nairo Quintana testing the Gamechanger

Round the back of the helmet we find the AirPort, or ‘vent’ to you and me. But it also has been designed with glasses in mind, and the glasses can slot into the two side ports and become fully integrated into the helmet, allowing the airflow to remain uninterrupted and keep the aero benefits going.

Abus Gamechanger

Glasses fit seamlessly to maximise aero advantage

Zoom Ace is the name given to the ratchet system, using a dial similar to that found in other high end helmets now, it can be adjusted on the move with one hand to allow you to fine tune the perfect fit. Maintaining comfort is also achieved using FlowStraps which claim to have solved the problem of adjustable chin straps and fluttering in the wind. The FlowStraps are aerodynamic, flutter-free and skin-friendly – an ABUS innovation (pat. pend.) and one I’m keen to see closer as it’s an area that lets down some of my favourite helmets.

Abus Gamechanger

Missing nothing, even the straps are an ABUS first

The ABUS Gamechanger certainly looks poised to ruffle things up and introduce a fresh and purposeful option to the world of aero helmets. It will be available in July expected to be priced at £179.99. As soon as we know more we’ll be sure to let you know, so keep your eyes peeled.

Gavin Barron

Gavin is a long distance triathlete, road racer and time trialist. Often found in the hills of Italy hopelessly chasing Strava segments. Gavin is a regular writer at and has thus far avoided the lure of twitter. You find him on instagram @pedal_powered

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