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An Assorted Pick

quad lock

Quad Lock your smartphone

Tracking, measuring, socially sharing and liking you and your cycling friends activities has become an essential element of the modern-day cyclist. As someone once said,…
Nike SuperRep Cycle

Nike enter the indoor game with the SuperRep Cycle

You may have heard, but there's a virus going around at the moment that's keeping everyone from congregating in groups. The pandemic has led to…
Elemnt Bolt

Elemnt Bolt brings out the Cycling Wahooligans

In 2016 Wahoo hit upon a game changer with the ELEMNT computer sparking the hashtag #wahooligans. Fast forward to 2017 and Wahoo’s new ELEMNT BOLT…
Rapha Sports Bra
Rapha introduces new support bra line 
Sako 7 Morse Code
SaKO7 looks to get your attention with morse code
Garmin Ultra Virb 30
Bike Tech
Look, no hands! Voice control comes to the action camera Cyclist
Shimano Transit Urban
Shimano Transit collection delivers minimalism for the urban cyclist
RedWhite Bib Shorts
RedWhite bib shorts could be the last pair you buy
Beeline smart compass
Beeline Smart Compass points the way for city cycling