Morvelo Autumn Winter Attack Fuse Jacket

At this time of the year nobody can deny that they are getting in those last sunny rides as the imminent winter beast begins to rear its head. Those cold days and wet evenings shouldn’t put you off, as it is common knowledge that winter riding is only as bad as the kit you own. With the Morvelo Autumn Winter collection you are well and truly covered.

Morvelo Autumn Winter Thermoactive Jersey

Morvelo Thermoactive Jersey

Morvelo have yet again released a stunning collection that should have you covered for all occasions. For those brisk Autumn and spring rides, they have got you covered with the Thermoactive jersey and Stormshield bib knickers, which will keep you riding when the temperatures begin in single figures, but end in the sunny teens. If this is not enough, you can layer up with the Hemisphere gilet along with one of their many baselayers to add that extra layer of warmth when the wet and cold rides of the winter dominate the days, they have the Fuse Jersey Jacket, which features a windproof fabric offering the water repellency of a rain jacket.

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Morvelo Autumn Winter Rustique Hemisphere Gilet

Morvelo Rustique Hemisphere Gilet

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Morvelo Autumn Winter Kaneda Tights

Morvelo Stormshield Kaneda Tights

This partnered with the Stormshield tights will keep you warm and dry even when you get caught in those mid ride down pours. Whether you like the understated look or want everyone to see you coming for days, you can rest assured that the Morvelo Autumn Winter collections will keep your inner connoisseur happy without scrimping on the quality needed to keep you riding.

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