A group of students from the Netherlands spent three months designing and producing the fully functioning 3D bike that’s constructed with a 3D printed, stainless steel frame. Their goal was to showcase the potential of what could be made by the process of 3D printing metal.

The students worked with Amsterdam-based MX3D to print the frame as part of a research project at the Industrial Design Engineering facility in which the students explore the possibilities of producing medium to large scale metal projects using a welding process. This is the first 3d bike that’s ever been 3D printed using a welding process and the students encourage other to keep building on what they’ve started.

3d bike 3d bike

Being students living in the Netherlands, printing a bicycle seemed a natural choice, since they were hoping to design a functional object that people would actually use. The bicycle weighs about the same as a typical steel bicycle and rides well on the bumpy cobblestone streets it was tested on.